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Meet the Team

Brian Wieben

Head Accountant

Brian started this company in 2000 with the help of his wife Marjorie. He is extremely personable and is willing to go above and beyond to aide in the achievement of farming and business goals. 

Brian is very family oriented and has four children with his wife Marjorie, with whom they love spending time with when they can.

Marjorie Wieben

Office Manager

Marjorie is Brian's wife and has been helping him out with the business since day one. Her management skills have helped take this company to where it is today.


She loves continually learning new things and is not afraid to take risks. In her spare time she loves riding and spending time with her horses.

Amanda Wieben

Junior Accountant

Amanda is Brian's second oldest daughter and has been working off and on with the company for 10 years. She has completed 2 years of her accounting degree and is currently working part time while working on the last 2 years.  

Amanda is very hardworking and determined. When she sets her mind out to do something she will find a way to accomplish it. She also has a young daughter who she shares her love for the outdoors with on her days off. 

Amber Hein

Office Administrator/Bookkeeper

Amber is always fun and full of energy. She is the first voice you here on the phone and the first person you see when you come into the office. She brings a great dynamic to the team and brightens everyone's day. She is also an exceptional worker and a great addition to the team. 



Tammy is a kind lady and a great worker. She is a great asset to the team as she has beyond exceptional organizational skills and the drive to continually learn. 

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